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Handbags means a lot for men, and when we try to choose the best shape and material, a bag will stay with us for a long time. Holdall or totes, handbags or briefcase, leather bags for men never changes too many comparing with women bags, because men will never choose a bag due to its appearance, but a function of it!


Light Green Leather Business HandbagsLeather handbags for men


Holdall bags equal with large capacity, one classical types of luggage. Someone said that designers based on the shape of some duffle bags then created holdall bags for men, but if you own yours unique thoughts, you will never trust that. Because the only common between them are the function, and the function of bring something convenient was the common for every bags too! Someone also think that briefcase was the same thing with handbags or any other types of bags for men, but after you check more photos or models of them, you will learn that briefcase sometimes looks more formal than usual bags, and also have its own shape, never changes a lot, but handbags for men can designed into many different shape, that means handbags for men more casual and briefcase more formal actually!


Golden Brown Leather Business HandbagsBusiness leather bags for men


Those three types are the main type of bags for men as far as I know, holdall, briefcase and handbags are most used in some outdoor activity, so if you want to own really unique style bags for you, maybe you have to do more practice and when you totally understand them, you can choose a perfect one fir for you very well!

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