Selecting the proper handbag in different occasion

Ladies Double Handle Leather Handbags

For day, night, work, casual use, groceries, city explorations or nights out – the list for this is endless, but again, you need to determine its use before buying. For the city-living chick, shoulder bags and large totes are functional for carrying multiple items while walking long distances or biking or using public transportation, yet still remain easy on the back and shoulders.
  If you have a lot of prints, go solid; a lot of simple colors and fabrics, go bold with the bag. Also, look at shoes that require purse pairings. While many fashionistas no longer approve of the "matchy-matchy" look, having shoes and handbags that complement one another makes for easy dressing. Determine what and how much you intend to carry in your bag, as all are built differently, with a variety of interior spaces and pockets. Even with casual types, you can be either a big or small bag person. More so than that, budget has a lot to do with both personality AND bag shopping – there is no right or wrong when choosing the right match, only that you are following your preferences and not the trends of others. These typically dress up cocktail dresses with adornments like shiny fabrics, sequins or stones. Even bold hardware on a bag can give the appearance of a put-together evening outfit.

  Each bag has an intended purpose aside from the obvious function: carrying all of your personal items. But even that list differs among women. The large shoulder bag we carry daily to work will obviously not pair well with a cocktail dress – each serves a purpose.

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