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Brown Lamb Fur jacket

Some clothes may serve just for protection and warmth, while others only add style to your look. Coats on the other hand, are worn for protection, warmth and style. They outweigh jackets in protection and warmth as they are usually longer and made of a tougher material.

  Lambskin swing coats are also a fashionable style for coats these days. These loose and comfy coats have a polysatin lining and polyfill insulation to keep the warmth inside. They have a standard length of thirty-seven inches, but longer coats are available too, and usually come in black, brown and ruby red. These coats are fully lined with acrylic faux fur and come with a removable hood and a genuine fox-fur collar. They generally have vertical stitching accents on the back and four buttons on the front. Their standard length is thirty-nine inches. You can easily match them with different colored clothes as they are available in a myriad of colors like black, brown and red. They have a standard length of thirty-nine inches, with larger sizes available on demand. Leather trench coats for women are made from soft pig-skin leather. They are generally double breasted with a zip-out pile lining and a waist belt with a buckle. These warm coats have a cape back, adjustable cuff straps and slash pockets.

  Before heading out to the market, you should be aware of the different styles of women's leather coats. They have a waist belt but no buttons or snaps. These soft and luxurious coats have polysatin lining and front pockets.

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