Briefcase throughout a great deal of history

Leather double handle briefcase

Messenger bags, which formerly were relegated to well, messengers, are becoming popular as people appreciate the hands free features of an over the shoulder bag.

  While soft sided bags are becoming more popular, the stuff that people carry in briefcases is becoming more fragile, like laptop computers, so people need bags that are padded, or at least compartments that are, to protect their electronics. Men and women alike wore power suits. Wall Street was booming, and everyone wanted to look the part. Formal business dress said success. Accordingly, briefcases were hard, leather-bound, brown or black, and boring. As the years went by, and Generation X moved onto the job scene, a more casual style came into play. You can still get them in leather, but today they are more likely to be soft sided, and they come in colors like orange and purple. If it strikes your fancy, pick up one in silk, with an oriental pattern from Wabags.

  Unlike choosing career bags,shoulder bags should not be put too much things for its heavy weights will press them under a big burden,leading to the disappearance of the career image.

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