Women are very conscious about their dress

Leather jackets lapels women

Women are very conscious about their look and image. Same is the case here. Now when the women have started using motorcycle, they also want to look perfect in this. A large no of companies are fulfilling this need of the women.

  There are various designers that are specialized in making women motorcycle jackets as these jackets are different from those of men. These jackets are more stylish and attractive. They are made by keeping in mind the women and their body structure. Women jackets are more colorful and sexy. They are weather resistant and also protect from hot, cold, rain and water. There are mainly two types of jackets with respect to cut or shape. One is loose fitting jacket and other is tight fitting jacket. While ridding a motorcycle the speed of the motorcycle may increase or the women may lose balance on the bike which can lead to a severe accident. The use of motorcycle jackets prevents the women from major injury. It helps in saving the major parts of the body. It has saved the life of many women.

  Leather is flexible, strong and also tougher. It also looks well so it is the ideal material for women motorcycle jackets. They are burst resistant and can survive in the extreme conditions as well. They are neither too heavy nor too light which adds to their strength.

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