The difference between the jacket and coat

Brown Nubuck Leather Trench Coat

Work jackets are provided to workers to keep them warm and comfortable and are lightweight so that these jackets do not hamper with work. Military jackets with extra pockets and the ability to keep warm come under this category of work jackets with functionality.

  Coats usually are buttoned down while jackets have a zip fastener. Coats normally are not water proof while jackets, meant mainly to provide warmth and coziness outdoors, are made from a water proof material. Jackets from tend to be more colorful also with ladies jackets being extremely colorful and attractive. For those who remain outdoors most of the time, such lightweight and water proof jackets are extremely useful as they can keep them in their backpacks or in their cars or bikes. Athletes, cyclists, campers, and walkers are mostly seen keeping such jackets in their backpacks.

  The jackets might however not be in a position to cover the waist of the user since they could be very short as well. However, there are exceptions to this rule also in the form of long jackets. The only time that the jackets come in handy is during the harsh weather.

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