In terms of leather fashion clothing

Black fox fur collar leather jackets

Fashion in is tending to be a one-trick-pony which is not observed if they not suit the person's personality. For example, the current fashion is of wearing leather jackets which celebrity wore in an event or film. People with vintage leather jackets and who owns replica jacket sometimes make them look like a stick insect.

  One of the Famous Hollywood celebrity stylists once said, "Style is more about your eye than your bank account", which I totally believe. Now days people mostly wears Cwmalls jackets like Harley Davidson but I know for a fact too, that fashion is fleeting, so most often I buy the cheaper alternatives. Related to the context, what is the actual definition of "style", and how does it stand at the higher place than fashion? If "fashion is fleeting", then how do the words "jacket style" mean anything more important than "fashion jackets"? They usually ask this because aren't getting any depth of meaning from both the terms.

  I think style has certain universal qualities that just 'are'. Style is more about complementing your features, working with you rather than covering you up with a novelty statement.

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