Tote bags are usually made of casual fabrics

Genuine leather tote bags

Tote bags are usually made of casual fabrics such as leather, basket weave, denim, plastic, or canvas.  The large, flat exterior of the tote model is perfect for manufacturers to highlight intricate patterns or screen prints.  Another advantage of the tote bag is the ability to slip a smaller purse or clutch inside to remove for a quick jaunt out.  This is especially nice if you are not used to carrying a larger bag.

  The tote bag trend was started in 1944.  The Boat Bag from LL Bean was a simple canvas bag.  It quickly became a trend, merging into a piece of luggage as leather totes stole the stage.  With the rise of practicality in the 1950s, tote bags became the purse of choice for many women.  In the 1960s, the tote bag was upgraded to designer status as Bonnie Cashin (a popular Coach designer) created feminine accessories out of the basic practical bag.  Her Cashin Carry bag brought the tote into the modern world of designer handbags.

  The versatility of the tote bag is amazing.  Not only for use a purse, tote bags make perfect book bags, gym carryalls, weekend getaway bags, reusable grocery bags, diaper bags, beach bags, sport bags, etc.  For the crafty person, tote bags are an easy pattern to create for any need.  Tote bags are an easy match for every season.

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