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Sincerely Search "Distributors" for Cooperating

CWmalls Distribution

Regulations and Cooperation Agreement for Network Distribution


By mutual agreement, CWMALLS agrees the distributor to distribute its' commodities online based on the principle of mutual reciprocity and benefit.


1. Network Distribution Concept


Network distribution means to set up distribution systems by taking full advantage of the characters of network channel and sell commodities online around the world.


Network Distribution;


Network Distributors add the photos and information of CWMALLS's commodities to their own online stores. Distributors are responsible for introducing and contributing to making it out when customers inquire. Then they should inform CWMALLS to ship out instead of themselves. The distributors gain income mainly by the price difference and no need to worry about the products (quality & variety), logistics and after-sale service. For individuals, it's a model of starting your business at zero risk, zero stock and little investment.


2. Cooperation Terms for Network Distribution


Network distribution requirements


1st, With the passion of thirsting for success, strong dedication and entrepreneurial heart, good moral quality, openness basing on sincerity.


2nd, Owning at least one online store (at eBay, Amazon or Etsy etc.), or having excellent ability of promoting online on the local shopping websites and forums.


3rd, Independent on business running, some online selling experience, good communication skills.


4th, Basic skills to operate computers, easy to surf the internet, and be sure online sometime everyday.


5th, All distributors have to give us the real name, telephone numbers, websites address, contact address, emails and communication tools as Skype etc., so that we can register, verify and put on records.


3. Price Control


1st, Network Distribution Price System


Commission Sale: all distributors have to carry out strictly the online retail price set by CWMALLS and gain distribution profit according to a certain commission rate.   Specific distribution profit is calculated based on commodity selling volume.


2nd, Distributors must strictly follow the distribution price system which is calculated by the price system of the site. We'll cancel the cooperation with any distributor who violates the online retail price system.


3rd, The distributor must pay great attention to the price notice on CWMALLS's website. And settlement change caused by any price adjustment should be subject to the notice


4. Order Process and Management

1st, Customers place orders with distributors;


2nd, Distributors place orders with CWMALLS;

The distributor logs in CWMALLS's website and place the order. Then CWMALLS confirms it and informs the distributor to pay. After fill the payment, it’s best for the distributor to inform CWMALLS customer service staff to process instantly.


3rd, CWMALLS sends commodities to customers directly

CWMALLS will ship out the commodities to customers after receiving payment .The distributor can reply the customers in time by checking the shipping time and express number through personal register account.


4th, The Distributor confirms orders with CWMALLS;

The distributor must reply to CWMALLS whatever the order is successful, or should return, exchange after he confirms with the customers.


5th, CWMALLS only accepts orders placed on online system which the whole order processing will be automatically controlled by the website system. Random orders by verbal, instant messaging tools etc. will not be accepted by CWMALLS, and CWMALLS doesn’t shoulder any responsibility of the delay or other consequences.


6th,Order processing time : 8:30am - 5:30pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays. During the non-working hours, CWMALLS's customer service staff may be online. Phones are also preferable at special situations.

5. Payment

1st, Network Distribution takes receiving payment and sending out as its principle. If there's any return or change, CWMALLS will handle it according to the return policy.


2nd, Payment Options



         • Other payment methods can be negotiated.


6. Shipment

1st, CWMALLS can send out more than one items instead of the distributor.


2nd,CWMALLS will ship out commodities the same day and offer the express bill number the same day or the next morning for any order confirmed and payment received before 4:00 pm everyday. Otherwise, it will be delayed one day. We'll take commodities from another warehouse for no-stock items and under this situation, they will be sent out within 3 working days. CWMALLS will not be responsible for any loss due to no stock.


3rd, For special reasons to delay shipment, CWMALLS will inform the distributors. So they can give notice to customers promptly.


4th, The postal address on order bill must be very clear such as the city or villages and towns.


5th, Because of a large amount of shipment and many customers placing orders for the same item with different customer service staff at the same time, there may be still no stock even if the order has been confirmed. The payment for out-of-stock items will be deducted for next new order or returned directly. Please well understand any inconvenience we bring to you!


7. Division of Responsibility for Return

1st, CWMALLS ensures product quality and strive to supply high quality products to distributors. CWMALLS also shoulder the responsibility for any return caused by quality problems and bear the express cost.


2nd, Customers can only return commodities to CWMALLS under the following situation:1st, report the quality problem or wrong order within 2days; 2nd, unused and no influence on secondary sale; 3rd, accord with the return policy. CWMALLS will ship again in the same way the next day after return items arrive.


3rd, Customers or the distributor will bear the express cost for any return items caused by themselves. For example, the distributor writes wrong item no. , size and other order requests or customers put a wrong item size or color requests etc.


4th, CWMALLS will be responsible for the return and return express charges due to negligence from CWMALLS staff.


5th, Please apply for return within 2days if customers are in need after receiving the commodity. Otherwise, it'll be rejected. And return is only accepted once.


6th,If customers confirm to return with the distributor, the distributor can inform customers to send back following the address supplied by CWMALLS only after he communicates with CWMALLS and gain approval.


7th, If only to change an item, the distributor must fill the price difference before CWMALLS receive it and reship to the customer with the same address.


8. Others and Default Dispose

1st, Any kinds of website information release subjects to the website notice. The distributor agrees that as long as CWMALLS releases related notice on the relevant webpage, it means the distributor has received the message.


2nd, The distributor is obliged to offer the actual data, to guarantee the validity and safety of the contents such as email address, phones, postal address, post code etc. ensuring CWMALLS can get in touch with them through above details. Meanwhile, he's also responsible for updating the related register datas without delay while they change. The distributor also guarantees against registering or verifying on CWMALLS.COM with others' information.


3rd, CWMALLS ensure to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information and never reveal to the third party. CWMALLS complies with the privacy policy and never directly deal with customers from the distributor.


4th, The distributor is not allowed to reveal the wholesale price to the third party when distribute CWMALLS commodities. CWMALLS will stop all cooperation immediately once it happens.


5th, CWMALLS has the right to cancel the qualification of any distributor if he is not good at sales, or mindless, violates the distribution system.


6th, If one party will change postal address or other contact information, he should inform another party accordingly within 1 week since the change is valid. Otherwise, the change party should bear the responsibilities of all consequences due to the change.

The agreement is in duplicate with both parties herein holding one copy each. Cooperation time does not set limit. Any party can put forward to stop cooperation only after one party informs the other 15 days in advance.


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Sheepskin and Lamb Fur Lined Coats

Sheepskin Fur Coats

For some warmest winter wearing clothing lovers, sheepskin jackets and coats are always being the best choice, but which is known to all hat almost all of those genuine sheepskin material clothes are all pretty expensive, not everyone of us can afford that. So when you decided to choose a sheepskin jackets or coats, you need to know something about them, about the quality and how to care of them!


Click it below then you can find the original picture in!

Mens Lamb Fur Coat Mens Lamb Fur Coat


When I search ‘sheepskin’ in Wiki, I found a word like this: The quality of the skin used in each application depends on several factors, mostly whether the pelt, which is the back of the hide, will be visible or not. Where the pelt is visible, better quality hide with minimal seed will be used. Well, I believe this is the most useful sentence for us to judge the quality of those sheepskin jackets and coats, and if this cannot sacrifice you, I think you need to learn some skills about them. And for some genuine sheepskin jackets and coats are always with lamb fur lined in side actually, so if you burn those furs then smell that: if you smell the similar taste with burn your hair, that’s genuine one, and you that smell like plastic, its fake one!


Goatskin Fur Coat UK Goatskin Fur Coat UK  


For some genuine sheepskin jackets and coats lovers, I believe those ways are just pale into insignificance, but I still think that can help someone who never know them before, and this is also the most convenient way to judge the genuine sheepskin jackets and coats actually!






Sheepskin Fur Coats uk

Sheepskin Jacket uk

Every time I try to find some words like fabulous, fashion, cool, soft shell, comfortable, chic and another others similar with them to describe those vintage sheepskin coats and jackets UK, I know even though there are the best words I know but can still show my feeling about the absolutely correct, because you can only wear them to understand how amazing and warm there are!


Click the image below to view them in!

Black Sheepskin Fur Coat uk Black Sheepskin Fur Coat uk


For someone who never own those sheepskin jackets and coats before, and the first view of them are their shape and size, maybe you think there are too heavy to wear them in this spring season. I can totally understand that, but I have to say that those coats or jackets are not as heavy as you think. I cannot use the word lightweight to them because that’s not true, those clothes are just same with normal coats, no more heavy or no more heavy. Take full use of best quality genuine sheepskin or cowhide leather as shell (this is what so called soft shell) and real lamb fur lined inside (polyester cannot have the same effect with lamb fur in keeping warm), this is the top secret of those sheepskin coats and jackets!


Black Sheepskin Coat uk Black Sheepskin Coat uk


There are so many areas still pretty cold nowadays as far as I know and for some North countries like Canada and Russia, USA’s state Alaska, stay with winter until now. And Southern Hemisphere almost steps into fall slowly, so if you love those sheepskin jackets and coats, try them right now!






Shearling Sheepskin Coats for Men

Brown Sheepskin Coat

Even though not the right season for those sheepskin jackets or coats for men right now, but some areas on earth still very cold in spring so that those sheepskin jackets and coats are also very popular actually. And if you ever own a sheepskin jacket, you will understand the warm function of it, and those types of jackets or coats are own their unique style nowadays!


You can just click this image and then it will bring you to the shopping site directly!


Sheepskin Shearling Coat Sheepskin Shearling Coat


Sheepskin always connected with the word shearling recently, sheepskin and shearling consists of those warm jackets and coats. And when you looking at those sheepskin jackets for men online, you can find some similar words like parka, anorak and so on. Actually there are many differences among them, sheepskin jackets focus on material more than parka jackets, those parka dresses means some heavy and warmest clothes, never limited in its material. Sheepskin jackets and coats always own fabulous outlook and dressy size, even own the same quality with custom clothing! And soft shell fur lining inside, comfortable touching feeling, all of those are the benefits of sheepskin jackets and coats.


Men's Sheepskin Lamb Fur Coat Men's Sheepskin Lamb Fur Coat


Funky are also the main factor of sheepskin jackets, and just as normal clothes for men, black and brown always play as the main colors of those jackets and coats. And that’s why those genuine sheepskin leather and lamb fur lined jackets still pretty popular in this spring season!






Cool Design Mens Spring Leather Jackets

Brown Leather Jackets

When we try to find some latest fashion and really slim fit design black or brown leather jackets online, I believe most of us will choose to search on google, and if you know google enough, you will search on google image directly, because from this image part we can choose the one we really love directly, and image can show them to us more convenient than words part.


Love anyone of them, you can just click the image to the shopping site!


Black Slim Fit Leather Motorcycle Jacket Black Slim Fit Leather Motorcycle Jacket


But if do as what I wrote above, you will find that most of the image show to us are all black or brown leather jackets out of fashion actually. Most of them are fake leather and also too large to us, large capacity in my opinion, if you want to choose one perfect with you and can also fit with yours body size, you should try those really slim fit and also genuine leather black jackets for you, all of them are latest design theory and best quality material. Look at the pockets and shoulder of those jackets, so special and when you wear them you can feel how comfort they is. Some of them with cool zipper sleeve, also designed with top designer of us!


Just click the image to the shopping site. Fashion Slim Black Leather Jacket Fashion Slim Black Leather Jacket


Think about the season right now, just the perfect weather to wear those really cool black or brown leather jackets, those series of leather jackets own their main color because there are latest spring jackets designed for men!






Latest Fashion Theory Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket

All of the leather jackets I collected here are slim design and also pretty simple to find the right pants or shoes to match with them. Some black cropped leather jacket for women for example, no matter which kinds of skirt or pants you choose, just in dark color, you can find one nice style for you easily!


Slim Fit Black Leather Jacket Slim Fit Black Leather Jacket, love it then click this image


Most of leather jackets for us to wear in spring are all designed with two totally different style, pay attention to the arc on the waist, it combine the genuine leather and polyester lining into one space, and the slant pockets or snap pockets also adding some elegant style to this black leather jacket. Wearing this amazing leather jacket walking around the street or anywhere else will bring you many different feelings, and the slim design makes yours body looks more charming and comfort! Tailored collar, stand up collar, round neck or many other styles, adding casual street style into this amazing black leather jacket, and after integrate latest fashion theory into it, the perfect black jacket comes out! Show more confidence from this jacket, and also represent for yours personality!


Fashion Slim Black Leather Jacket Fashion Slim Black Leather Jacket


Unique black leather jacket can show yours temperament perfectly, you can wear it as outwear or just wear it alone, anyway you want. Most of them with special tabs on the shoulder and sleeves, pretty elasticity and also very convenient to take it off, so makes you looks more slim than usual!






Leather Loafers or Boat Shoes

Mens Leather Loafers

Actually leather loafers are totally difference with leather shoes for us in my opinion, of course both of them are perfect footwear for us but if you ever own pair of leather loafers, you will find the advantages of this type casual leather shoes.


Yellow Leather Tods Loafers Yellow Leather Tods Loafers


Leather loafers sometimes called boat shoes actually but not totally similar with boat shoes, because some of boat shoes are with lace up on them, butt which is known to all that leather loafers shoes are no lace actually. And even though leather loafers own same shape and appears with formal leather shoes, but leather loafers are designed with soft material actually, some of them with nubuck sheepskin leather upper fabric and some of them with really soft cowhide leather, in a word, when you wearing nice leather loafers shoes, you will feeling like that you never wearing anything on yours feet. And this is the main reason why I trying to recommending the leather loafers from here!


Ostrich Embossed Leather Loafers Ostrich Embossed Leather Loafers


Of course choose some really unique leather loafers also very difficult, because most of leather loafers are designed in same style. But you can also find some special loafers like adding some abstract patterns ob yours loafers!






Introduce Collocation Methods of Leather Bags

Black Quilted Leather Bag

When we trying to choose a leather bag with us, it’s a hard work actually, because we have to pick a bag which need to fit for our clothing and even match with the right colors. All what I talking about here are leather bags for women of course, and women always own too many colors on their clothes so that most of them can not make a right choice!


Fashion Rose Leather Satchel Bag Fashion Rose Leather Satchel Bag


Some shiny bags for example, if you wear in light color clothing, you cannot use them, because shiny bags always with bright colors., shiny bags should match with some clothing in red, orange or others like this. And for some dark colors leather bags, black brown and grey for example, should wear in the same colors with them, this is the perfect match. And as far as I know, dark color like black leather bags own really huge amount of fans in some Europe and North America countries, and bright colors own many fans in Asia countries, this is the difference! And if you know more about leather bags, you will also pay attention to the size of those bags, based on yours own body size, choose a tiny, medium or large capacity size bags with you! So learn the way of collocation methods about leather bags and yours clothes really important!


Green Leather Tote Bag Green Leather Tote Bag


Color and size can be the most important parts of bags in my opinion, and of course some elements like material, shape, design also pretty complex and important for the one who care about that, and this is why leather bags for women always so difficult to make a decision for the one who need them!






Black True Leather Handbag for Men

Black Mens Leather Bag

Talking about fashion, you will think about some really fashion ladies, and relate with some fashion accessories like shoes, bags and so on. So that means bags has become the symbol of fashion and must needed things for us. But you should know that bags are used by gentlemen at first!


Black True Leather Handbag Black True Leather Handbag


As a very important and convenient tool to bring something when going outside, cowhide leather bags always play a unique and special position for a long time. And because of w technology about produce those cowhide leather bags, most of them are in black and brown colors, it decided by the original materials color! But we have to admit that those genuine leather bags in pure black and brown colors looks even more close to our life and also the perfect colors for man actually. So that even though so many kinds of leather bags for men like leather messenger bag, leather business bag, leather commercial bag and even some retro style leather handbag exist right now, 90% percent of those bags are in black and brown colors, only few of them in blue or others. The most popular color among mens leather bags can be black!


Black Cowhide Leather Business Handbag Black Cowhide Leather Business Handbag


And of course those black leather bags are always in nice quality and design style, this is the main reason why after so many years, the theme color of leather bags for men never change. Classical style can stay in the history forever!